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Things you need to know when Buying a SUP

Many people continue to take interest in stand up paddle boarding which has contributed to its increased popularity as the fastest growing sport for various reasons. Stand up paddleboarding is lots fun, has health benefits and anyone can do it but first, you will need to select your paddleboard. Choosing the right paddle board will determine so many things when you are engaging in the sport, but it is one important decision that can be overwhelming. here are some useful tips that will help you choose the right stand up paddleboard.

In flat-water conditions like a pond, bay or lake you are unlikely to encounter waves so if you are planning to use your board in this environment ensure you buy a board suitable for such environment. The environment you plan to use the surfboard should dictate the type of board you buy to ensure your safety. Fishing SUPs usually have the largest volume to accommodate you and your fishing gear so in case you are going fishing this should be your choice.

Since not everyone buying a stand-up paddleboard is a veteran, they are designed to accommodate different body weight and levels of experience, the two factors you should consider when choosing a board based on size. Someone buying aboard for the first time is usually advised to choose one with more volume and thickness because it provides stability and can support their body weight. Inflatable boards are designed to create convenience for those who have storage issues or have small cars that cannot transport the large boards, although they have a shorter lifespan and will have to be replaced within two years.

When considering the size of the board you want to buy, ensure you factor in the design of its hull because its characteristics have a bearing on the board’s performance in water. In case you are looking for a board that will allow you to travel long distance, you should choose with a displacement hull because its sharp-pointed nose will displace water as you ride. Irrespective of the type of stand up paddleboard you have, the best place to store it is in a cool dark place where it is safe and protected.

You need to have a budget when shopping for a stand-up paddleboard to ensure you don’t buy the expensive one while you avoid the cheap one just to save money. In case you are a beginner who is still not sure about stand up paddle boarding, you can buy a plastic board to start to save some money. A great dealer will always offer guarantee for their products and have great customer service, which is what you should be looking for. Now you know how to buy the right SUP.

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